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Stuart Meyerhans, 1916-2011

It’s amazing to ponder the fact that, when I look at any photograph taken over almost the past century, my grandfather existed somewhere on Earth in that same sliver of time. In any of the famous pictures from the Great Depression, the second World War, the Atomic Age of the 1950’s American Dream, and the Space Age of the 1960’s, Stuart Meyerhans was somewhere when that photo was taken, doing something, being someone. From the early days of radio and TV to today’s era of global digital connectivity, he was thinking, feeling, listening, and speaking. Today, for the first time since Woodrow Wilson was president, there is no Stuart Meyerhans in the world. It’s hard to conceive of all that he witnessed, all that he feared, loved, wondered, saw, and heard. It’s hard to imagine that today’s photographs will capture a world without him in it.

Rest in peace, Grandpa.