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Letter to My Congressman Regarding SOPA

I’m writing as a constituent to inquire about your position regarding H.R. 3261, the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, and to encourage you to vigorously oppose this bill when it reaches the House floor. The Act has numerous problems and poses a major threat to the continued health of the Internet as a medium for open communication. The Act introduces technical and financial burdens that effectively impact every site that provides a mechanism for the publishing of user-generated content, while also eliminating judicial oversight. Ultimately, it is likely that this will have a chilling effect in that the cost of allowing users to contribute content to the web will be too high to be justifiable in many cases. Ultimately, under H.R. 3261, the Internet will cease to exist as a vibrant social commons and start to resemble the cable TV system, dominated by a small number of large corporate interests and with high entry and operating costs. I hope this message is just one of many that you’ll receive in opposition to this Act, and that I can count on your vocal opposition to it. Thank you for your time and for your continued service in Congress.